• Full Disclosure: Embracing Age, Defying Labels and a New Job Embracing Age, Defying Labels I can get the senior discount, sometimes.  I am a grandmother times 4.5.  I rarely admit the first, adore the second but not the preconceptions that come along with the term.  But in the interest of full disclosure, and in light of the diminishing effects of botox, I have decided to come […]
  • Can Social Media “Sell” Travel? Thank you Travel Weekly for asking.   Here is the original link to my interview with Travel Weekly.   Travel Industry Survey 2015 Photo Credit: Illustration by TandaV/Shutterstock Travel Weekly’s Travel Industry Survey 2015 Social life Travel professionals use several methods of marketing — the Travel Industry Survey tracks the relative use of a dozen […]
  • Luxury Travel Advisor July 2015: Jean Newman Glock Article from Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine  July 2015. Original Article can be found here.  Jean Newman Glock of JNG Worldwide has become so successful in the social networking arena, she’s no longer selling individual travel; rather she’s consulting for other travel advisors and suppliers, as well as with the Signature Travel Network. In fact, Klout, […]
  • Tweeting and Travel: Lessons From the Road What have I learned during my second year of sharing my travels on social media?     The good, the bad and the….wonderful. My first article: A Year of Tweeting and Travel: A Beginner’s Perspective can  be found here. Many of the lessons I learned that first year are still true today but in the rapidly changing […]
  • Working Around the World Means Being Connected When I travel for work I need data coverage that is strong and often in very remote places.  When I am on vacation, I can wait for wifi coverage at a hotel or try to load pictures on London’s cloud, but when traveling for work, I need constant, predictable coverage.  Why would I pay for global […]
  • Luxury Travel Consultant — The Best Job in the World? We have all seen the headlines and read about the demise of the travel consultant (aka travel agent). Online booking agencies, booking online directly with suppliers and now with Google entering the market big time, all appear to have replaced the need for the travel advisor. Was this death notice posted prematurely? Or is the […]
  • What is the ROI on Social Media? What a nice tweet to wake up to. From a new Follower (now virtual friend) from India. She says Jordan is now on her 2014 travel list after reading my tweets about Jordan with Petra National Trust. What is the ROI on Social Media? Woke up to this tweet: Prachi Joshi @DelishDirection @PNTJordan #Jordan makes it to […]
  • Travel Pinfluencer? Honored. Thanks Pinterest! Travel is visual, beginning, middle and end.  No doubt about it and Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for sharing travel inspirations. If you don’t use it for travel, you should. I am  honored to have been asked by Pinterest to join their first ever “Travel Pinfluencers” group.   A group of Pinterest users […]
  • Remembrance of Crete As summer becomes a distant memory, via Pinterest I fondly recall time spent in Crete this past summer. Follow me on my   board Greece: Food, Wine and Sun. Olives, olives everywhere! Crete. Photo by jeannewmanglock
  • Game Changers for Social Media in Travel for 2014? Recently Ann Tran, Forbes Top Social Influencer for 2013, asked several of her colleagues to answer the question:  What will be the Game Changers for Social Media for 2014?”   My focus is social media in travel for brands, suppliers and travelers.   My small excerpt from her excellent article is below. You can find the full […]

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