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Meet the Team

Jean is always on the road searching for the exceptional, writing about these amazing experiences and consulting for those in the travel industry.  A  talented team of travel experts at JNG Worldwide has the ability to arrange extraordinary experiences for a few, equally exceptional clients.  JNG Worldwide is also proud to be the official Travel Partner of the U.S. Qatar Business Council.


Jean  has quickly become the go to source for travelers, the travel industry and the media searching for the the exceptional in international travel.   She has been in the retail world of travel for only two years, since leaving the Smithsonian travel team,  but has captured the new luxury travelers’ search for the exceptional.  Recognized as a leader in the world of luxury travel by Travel and Leisure magazine,  Luxury Travel Advisor and many more,   Jean is the source you need for all your travel needs.  Give her a call if you are looking for what the next generation of travel advisors can offer.


JNG Worldwide is a Social Media Travel Company, which utilizes all social media platforms to inform travelers and to work with suppliers and destinations to promote travel and tourism.   I am pleased to announce that Debra Eliezer, former Director of World Wildlife Fund Travel, has partnered with me to form the most unique travel consultancy in the market today. Combining the expertise of my years at the Smithsonian and Debra’s as Director of the World Wildlife Fund Travel program, JNG Worldwide offers unparalleled  knowledge in the retail and nonprofit luxury travel industry.  JNG Worldwide’s international team is made complete by the expertise of Aviva Klein and Eliza Franz Gregory.


For JNG Worldwide, the expertise is unmatched, and our work multinational corporate brands, the Smithsonian Institution and World Wildlife Fund, have quite simply, introduced us to the best of the best. We have worked with top specialists in every field in almost every country. These contacts allow JNG Worldwide to open doors normally closed to tourists and those in the travel industry. Exclusive access coupled with expert customization make our “niche” in the luxury travel industry unique—–and a lot of fun. If you can dream it, we can do it, and if you can’t, let us help inspire you.  Note, we are also experts in the unique needs of diplomatic travel and work with embassies and consulates.  JNG Worldwide is proud to be the official travel partner of the U.S. Qatar Business Council. 

PREFERRED PARTNER BENEFITS – A Very Exclusive Club… Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Orient Express and many more

JNG Worldwide is a proud affiliate of Connoisseur Travel in Washington, DC. Through this partnership JNG Worldwide is able to provide clients with exclusive, preferred benefits at Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Orient Express properties. In addition, as a member of the exclusive Signature Travel Consortium, our clients will also enjoy additional benefits (upgrades, free breakfasts and more) at many hotels and cruise lines worldwide. We believe that all of your travel should be as part of these exclusive “clubs” to ensure unforgettable travel memories.

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