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  • Looking for a Scapegoat?

    Everyone is looking for a scapegoat for the plague we have been enduring. We are tired and weary but blaming one segment of the travel industry, the cruise industry, without looking at the facts does not help us develop policies and procedures needed to move on with our lives. I would argue the opposite. The […]

  • Could Energy Costs Replace COVID as the Biggest Threat to Travel’s Recovery?

    Watching the daily number of COVID cases and holding our breath that we don’t hear about a new dangerous variant have become daily routines for all of us in the travel industry. Could there be a bigger threat coming this winter to recovery? Nord Stream 2. If you haven’t heard of it you will. Energy […]

  • Asking When Travel Will Return to Normal is the Wrong Question

    When Will Travel Return to Normal? Two excellent travel writers asked this question of their readers this week. The responses were predictable. “There is a new normal.” “Demand is so high we are back to 2019 levels”, “Travel is back and travelers are more interested in sustainable metrics, ecologically, economically, and culturally.” Bravo, so it […]

  • Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

    Note:  Below is an “inside the Beltway” discussion that has been making the rounds in the travel industry and most particularly among travel advisors who are wondering if they should be sharing their own travels or marketing travel to their clients.  What are the risks of doing so… and the rewards? Everyone’s answer will be a […]

  • Gilded Age Travel

      Dining Room at Le Meurice Hotel, Paris Note: The world was on the precipice of unimaginable changes.  And no one saw it coming.  A World War, a pandemic, and a global depression would wipe away all the gilding in short order.  Many of the wealthiest dynasties the world has ever known were wiped out […]

  • Dining With George Washington at Mount Vernon

        Lawn at Mount Vernon facing the Potomac River As we all hopefully enter the last weeks of our COVID isolation, dreams about travel become concrete plans.  My first visit will be a return to George Washington’s estate at Mount Vernon, specifically to study the gardens and the foods they ate.  Culinary history tells […]

  • What is Old is New Again: Rediscovering Crete

      Sustainable Travel.  What is it? How to achieve it while meeting consumer expectations and the expectations from locales for low to no impact visits?  The travel industry and travelers are all navigating this confusing landscape.  Even if the answers aren’t clear, proven, or easy, every step, even backward ones, will help.  The terms may be […]

  • Jordan: My Perfect Itinerary

    The following article was published in Ultimate Experiences, January 2020.  A link to the PDF of that article can be found here:  Feature_JORDAN (4).   If you wish to book your adventure to Jordan, contact me or click here to find an expert travel advisor who can make it happen.  Happy travels to a small, welcoming country with so many world-class treasures […]

  • RIP Influencers. Long Live the Experts

    Part rant, part ‘come to Jesus moment’; you have been warned…… This may sound strange coming from me, but I am bored with social media. Not updates from friends and family, those I love.  But I am bored with the artfully crafted, fluff that is passing for influencer marketing in travel.  I am over it, […]

  • From Notre Dame to Petra: Our Shared Humanity, Our Shared Obligation

    Notre Dame Burns Notre Dame was burning and the world stopped to watch and pray that the smoke would stop and that we would not lose a site that meant something personal to so many worldwide.  More than a building, Notre Dame was our collective history.  From medieval times to personal visits that were shared […]