Jean Newman Glock is Ambassador-at-Large for Viking.

On May 15, 2022, Viking hired me as their Ambassador-at-Large.  A position that will allow me to sail the world with Viking and share the story of the absolute best ocean and river cruise line in the world.

Am I biased? Yes,  but biased from experience.  Am I honored?  Absolutely and ready to embark on the best job in the world.  You can now reach me at  I hope to meet you on board and hear from you as we explore this wonderful world together.

Jean has an unparalleled background, in a hyper-connected world. Jean was honored to be named 7th most influential travel expert on social media, worldwide. She has pioneered using social media to promote travel and tourism to a large international community of travel enthusiasts. Recognized as a leader in the world of luxury travel by Travel and Leisure magazine, in a cover story for Luxury Travel Advisor magazine, and many more. 

My years of travel planning during 18 years overseeing the international and student travel programs of the Smithsonian Institution and in the corporate world have, quite simply, introduced me to the best of the best. I have worked with only the best in land, jet and cruise travel and know the top specialists in almost every field. I have incomparable “Feet on the Ground” experience having circled the globe hundreds of times and have visited almost every country. I have also worked with the US Department of State and US Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Arabian Gulf.”