I love sharing my travels on social media as I travel around the world.  But I am always amazed how many people are tuning in. Thank you. And thank you again!  It’s been loads of fun sharing with you and learning from you all.  Packing for London and Russia now.




  I was recently honored to be named the 7th most influential travel expert, worldwide by Klout.  Congrats to my fellow experts and humbled to be listed in the company of Travel + Leisure,  Conde Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet and other travel experts.  Follow along as I continue my journeys this year.  Two of my trips will include visiting the historic royal homes and palaces in England with top historians and a return to Russia on a Baltics cruise with Azamara Club Cruises.  

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Klout measures many factors in determining their rankings. I am particularly honored in that Klout  has recently  added a measure of original content and quality of content shared to their algorithm  making the score more than just a “numbers measure”: numbers of followers, retweets etc.  Thank you Klout.

Here is a little background on the acquisition of Klout by Lithium Technologies, a merger that has led to new determinations of influencers in every field.

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