Travel is visual, beginning, middle and end.  No doubt about it and Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for sharing travel inspirations. If you don’t use it for travel, you should. I am  honored to have been asked by Pinterest to join their first ever “Travel Pinfluencers” group.   A group of Pinterest users who are innovators in using this fabulous social media platform for travel inspiration, planning and sharing their adventures.  Look for exciting new Pinterest initiatives in the world of travel.   Check out my Board on from my recent trip to Crete  for a Board showing a mix of my photos (all thanks to my Samsung Galaxy “miracle” camera and my Verizon Global data plan!) and those of others I found inspirational.  My next trip is to St. Petersburg (January 2014) for a behind the scenes week at the Hermitage. Follow my Board “Glories of the Hermitage” to join me as I discover St. Petersburg in winter with the finest curators and specialists in the world.  We will also be visiting the Hermitage Storage Rooms–I can’t wait.

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I asked my partner, Debra Eliezer former Director of the World Wildlife Fund to share why she finds Pinterest so exciting for travel:


So Many Places to Go: Amazing professional and amateur photos from spectacular destinations throughout the world fill the site. Curate your own board of dream trips and let your imagination run wild. We keep a board of ‘Inspiring Images’ just to keep travel ideas flowing.

What to Do?: You know where you want to go but want fresh ideas for how to spend your time. Before a trip we like to set up a board with information we’ve collected so that we don’t forget to visit that exciting new exhibit, play, or quirky site that we read about 3 months ago.

Design: Some of the most cutting edge design happening today can be found in hotels, bars, and restaurants. We like to keep a running list of places with interesting design and try to work in visits during our trips. Sometimes it’s as simple as grabbing a coffee at a shop in an interesting space or checking out a new building en route to other places.

Hidden Treasures: Some of our favorite places to browse when traveling are antique shops, markets and little boutiques with niche productss, which can often be found in trendy neighborhoods. Create a board with shops or products you want to look for. We love textiles and keep a board of things we keep our eyes open for when traveling.

Tips: From a quick primer on how to use that expensive camera you have in the back of your closet, to the latest in technology to assist you on the road, lots of great tips can be found on Pinterest. We love to learn about new products and apps that make traveling smoother.

Share!: So you’ve taken a great photo that captures an extraordinary moment, share it with others on Pinterest! And, don’t forget, the site is infinitely more usable if you label your photos with useful details.

If you’re not already using Pinterest, you should be. Folllow us at  Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.33.25 PM and happy pinning!


Debra Eliezer is the former Director of World Wildlife Fund Travel and now focuses on luxury family travel, design-focused experiences and active adventures with JNG Worldwide.


3 thoughts on “Travel Pinfluencer? Honored. Thanks Pinterest!

  1. Great article – very helpful! One question i have is when I put up photos on my blog I want to make sure when it’s pinned that the write information is there. Where should I put that information? In the alt info or the meta description? I also want to be sure people will be lead back to me if it’s one of my photos and they want more information for example. Do you put your watermark or a copyright in the alt or meta info? Thanks. Looking forward to more pinning!

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