Rarely do I do an article about a single hotel but that is what this is.   I have been fortunate to stay in most of the top hotels in the world.  Including all of the “Palace” and 5 star hotels of Paris.  Last week I found my new favorite hotel in the world.  Shangri La Paris is exceptional in every way.


A Small Welcome from Shangri La Paris in my Suite



My daughter and I were in Paris to attend a party-Mischief and Masquerade at one of Paris’ most elegant private homes.  The dress code was “OTT” and the party itself even surpassed the dress code.  That’s another story and one which I doubt I can share but the Shangri La almost matched the party experience and that I can share.


A little help getting ready for the party….



The marketing materials call the hotel a “Princely Estate” and that it is in Belle Époque/Gilded Age glory.  Built by Roland Bonaparte, grandnephew of Napoleon in 1896 it embodies the glamor and sophistication of Paris at the height of afterglow of the 1889 Exposition that introduced the Eiffel Tower.  The hotel is so close to the then new Tower, that Roland’s mother feared it might fall over and crush their new home.  That didn’t happen and now you can enjoy the same views of Paris, but in the quiet seclusion of one of Paris’ finest neighborhoods.

The Bonaparte Crest still graces the entrance


All the boxes were ticked and I really don’t need to elaborate for someone looking at this level of hotel—beautiful design, top service, VERY quiet, high thread counts, great bedding, top water pressure, quiet ambiance, strong-ultra strong wifi (and free) and just about any other luxury you have not even imagined.  I will mention that after sleeping in the beds, my daughter and I were searching the web to buy all the bedding and get it delivered to Virginia.  Immediately.

Entrance Hall–never to be mistaken for a lobby.



What I do want to note are the touches that have made me fall in love with the Shangri La.  Many are difficult to elaborate, but can best be described as creating that sense of Zen that enhances both productivity and relaxation—a hard combination.  Shangri La excels at this worldwide, and it is a mark of the brand.  But to transport their philosophy, so successfully to the heart of Paris was a feat.  Add in the strong sense of history that the mansion did and still embodies and you have almost perfection.

The location and size of the hotel are real advantages.   Location, quiet but central, I have already mentioned, and the size is only 81 rooms.  This size leaves you feeling more Country House or Chateau retreat than hotel.  Of these 21 have a direct view of the Eiffel Tower and an amazing 33 have Terraces.  One small additional note on location, though most guests will likely have private cars and drivers, I am a subway gal in Paris and the Iena metro stop is right out front and is so quiet and elegant, it appears to be part of the hotel.  This line goes directly to l’Opera so perfect for avoiding traffic.

Paris from my Balcony


After a quick check in we were ushered to our suite on the 7th (top) floor and jasmine tea was served on our balcony overlooking both the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.  The balcony had a small garden (great for dogs), table for four and two chaise lounges.  Even when the weather is rough, the windows throughout the suite all had the same views.  This was not even the top level of suite.

View from my bed. Sublime


I plugged in all my computer/tech easily at accessible plugs and logged into the internet in under 2 minutes.  This is important to me even in the ultimate luxury environment.  An additional small touch, in addition to the nepresso coffee maker there was a kettle for tea.  Minor I know but so many luxury hotels consider this gauche and don’t include it and I am forever forcing hot water through a coffee maker or ordering room service for hot tea.  I know most 3 star hotels have this, but most 5 stars do not and it made my life easier and more comfortable to not have to ask.

Welcome tea on the balcony.
A Chaise in Paris is always nice.


I have not spent much time discussing the food, but suffice it to say the breakfast was exceptional and not buffet, which adds to the ambiance.  And the hotel is the only one in Paris to house two Michelin starred restaurants.  A feat anywhere but unheard of in Paris. L’Abeille was awarded with 2 Michelin stars and Shang Palace with 1 Michelin Star by the Michelin guide.




The pictures from their website’s booklet will give you a sense of the level of luxury and elegance.  Only by staying there can you find the details that so impressed me to put this hotel at the top of my list.  I will return.


Note: The Shangri La only knew I was a traveler booked through an agency connected with the Signature Travel Consortia and as such they extended me the benefits that were associated with Signature membership.  These included an upgrade if available, breakfast and a room and beverage credit.  Their social media team was very astute and active and did realize quickly I was tweeting and they were wonderful responding, both on Twitter and with room service delivering treats they thought might make fun tweets. Kudos to that team for understanding and leveraging this marketing channel. I have had at least 20 followers ask me questions about my stay following my visit.   

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