Show me something I can’t see on my own, introduce me to someone I could not meet. That is the trip I will take.

So many wonderful travel suppliers can provide all the comforts imaginable, but it is the access they offer that separates the good from the exceptional.  Alison Weir’s tours are exceptional.

Do the Tudors fascinate you?  Are you watching the new miniseries “The White Princess?” Imagine traveling with the leading historic authors of our day.   Dining with them, learning not only the history, but how they research and write and visiting sites that are only open to you because you are traveling with them. This is the definition of luxury travel.

I am pleased to announce that  JNG Worldwide is the exclusive travel partner of Alison Weir Tours.  Alison, an award-winning author and historian, and her team have developed amazing themed historic tours. Nothing compares with the access, the site visits,  the guest lecturers and most importantly, the fellow travelers.


King Henry VIII Gate at Windsor Castle

I will be on Alison’s “Tudor Tapestry” tour beginning on May 2, 2017 and you can follow along with daily posts on my Facebook page and here.  In addition to Alison, we will be traveling with, meeting authors Sarah Gristwood, Tracy Borman, Nicola Tallis, Siobhan Clarke, Dr. David Starkey and many others.  You can get a taste of what Alison shares with us in this free Audible interview where she explains her work and passion.  It is a fun listen.


Author of the newly released best seller, “Crown of Blood” Nicola Tallis

Link to her book here.

We will be visiting more Tudor sites than I can list, but most are in the footsteps of Henry VIII and his wives.  The tour is bookended with stays at the historic Hever Castle, the childhood  home of Anne Boleyn  and ends with a private visit and dinner at the amazing Mary Rose museum.

Sadly, her tours are so popular they sell out very quickly, but you should sign up for the wait list.  More information and past and future tours is available on Alison’ s website.  Here is a note from Alison :

“Our Tudor Tapestry Tour (2017) and White Rose Tour (2018) are sold out with a waiting lists. If you are interested in joining the wait list, please email

Each tour is designed to be captivating and informative, to enrich your knowledge, to provide you with a unique and highly enjoyable holiday, and to give you an unforgettable experience of the rich landscape of English history.”


The author with Alison, being sent to the Tower I fear.


At Hardwick Hall we learned about the incomparable Bess of Hardwick


With Alison, we visit rooms not open to the public. The private sitting room, and desk and HM Queen Elizabeth II at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland and at a private dinner onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia below.


The most extraordinary times on tour with Alison are the chance to learn and visit with Alison, and her fellow historians.


Drinks with Alison with Dr. David Starkey during our tour–this is access. Thanks Alison.

To learn more about these exceptional experiences check Alison’s website at or contact me at

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